On our never ending Journey to Excellence we….

  • follow the Golden Rule by treating others as we want to be treated
  • keep our commitments
  • are honest and straightforward at all times
  • maintain the highest standards of professionalism
  • actively seek and provide feedback
  • always work safely, productively and efficiently

Delivering Value to Clients

New England Sheet Metal and Mechanical delivers exceptional value, professional service, and optimal solutions in the planning, design, fabrication, construction and maintenance segments of the mechanical industry.

We accomplish this by…..

  1. Always Choosing Safety. Individual and collective ownership of our safety culture is imperative.
  2. Offering comprehensive solutions to clients. Planning, design, pre-construction, offsite fabrication & assembly, on- site construction, operations, maintenance and finance.
  3. Employing and rewarding top tier industry talent.
  4. Maintaining a standard of excellence and professionalism throughout our entire organization.
  5. Providing unique solutions that respond to specific client needs and preferences.
  6. Executing quality work, efficiently, productively and professionally.
  7. Leveraging technology to improve efficiencies, increase collaboration and ensure information security.
  8. Being an active participant in, and a voice for, our advancing industry.
  9. Actively seeking feedback in order to foster and strengthen our culture of continuous improvement.
  10. Be committed to the Lyles Construction Group Value Statement of Purpose & Beliefs and Behaviors & Practices.